2005 First Day Covers

Marian Anderson

Award Winning Design



Best known for her 1939 historic concert, this is the story of a uniquely talented black woman who overcame challenges to become one of the greatest concert vocalists in the world.

Ronald Reagan



Ronald W. Reagan served as the 40th president of the United States. A man of diverse talents accumulated throughout his lifetime, he rose from athlete, movie performer to President of the United States. The composite cachet design incorporated five drawings pertinent to his life.

Henry Fonda



The cachet design shows Henry Fonda in some of his motion picture roles, and a depiction of an aged Fonda holding his coveted Academy Award Oscar.

Disney Celebrations



This block of four stamps portrays Disney characters celebrating. The cachet design uses an imaginary forest background which allows for each of the four stamps to be represented.

2005 Duck


DGX #144 2005 DUCK Hooded Merganser

The cachet design shows a pair of Hooded Mergansers — a male and a female. A special effect has been added to the eyeballs to give a three-dimensional effect.

Arthur Ashe



This issue honors Arthur Ashe, world class tennis champion. During his career he won 818 matches and 51 titles, and went on to become a Grand Slam tournament winner and Davis Cup team captain. The cachet design is a composite of four highlights in his life. In the upper portrait he holds a tennis racquet, with ‘pseudo’ strings which have been added by hand to each cover. Also enclosed is an original poem.

Greta Garbo


DGX #146 Greta Garbo

Greta Garbo, the enigmatic and elusive star of some of Hollywood’s most memorable romantic movies is featured in the cachet design. She had a classic beauty and a talent for conveying emotions. The insert text included with each FDC has more details into her career and lifestyle. The cachet is a montage of two portraits and two full figure segments, set on a colorful sky background,with clouds and flowers completing the design.

Greta Garbo joint issue


DGX #146J Greta Garbo joint issue

Joint issue with Sweden, the Swedish stamps have been postmarked with Sweden Post First Day of Issue, Stockholm Sweden.

Finland – Hyvaa Joulua


Part of the Christmas Around the World Series

DGX #147 Christmas in Finland

In our yearly travels to different countries, we learn how the holiday is celebrated in other lands, showing how some holiday observances are carried from generation to generation in order to preserve family customs. In Finland, children look forward to the baking of holiday cookies. They always know when the holiday is coming as they catch a waft of the aroma coming from the kitchen as Mother is busy baking piparkakut (gingerbread cookies) in preparation for the holiday. Further traditions on how the holiday is celebrated in Finland can be found in the insert text included with each FDC.

Distinguished Marines


DGX #148 Distinguished Marines Block/4 FDC

The four Marines seen on the stamp issue have become legends in the Marine Corps. A synopsis of each Marine’s service and the medals earned is in the insert text enclosed in each FDC. The cachet design looks through the entrance of a cemetery. Rows and rows of markers seem to go as far as the eye can see. Each FDC has two postmarks — a pictorial Marines cancel on the bottom, plus a circular date stamp in the center of each block/4 stamps.