From the Mailbag…

JUNE, 2016

” Your covers lit up my day, Doris. Keep up the exceptional work … Shirley Temple and Sarah Vaughan covers of course, were magnificent. I was re-reading your Touch of Gold newsletter, and I ran across a sentence which is very much on-target. You said, ” I have always said that my collectors are not customers, but my philatelic family, and though I may not have met you in person, I do feel a special closeness to each and every one of you.” That is a beautiful thought, Doris, and, I think, it gets to the very heart of our Hobby. That is to say, covers connect people to each other . . . covers form bonds among people. We are, indeed, in your own words, “a philatelic family.” Thank you for the heavenly thought.” – Ray L 

“I would like to dance and sing over receipt of Vaughan and Temple (FDCs), but age has its limits so all I can do is vaunt all that your art work created. Well done again! – Howie D 

March 20, 2016

“It was really fun to see your cover with the Year of the Monkey, as we just got home from China on Monday. Everywhere we went from Hong Kong to Beijing, the Chinese were celebrating the New Year and the Year of the Monkey. We were early for the blooming of the Cherry Blossoms and the Tree Peony. I enclose a picture of one of the hotels in Kowloon. Many of the buildings in Kowloon and Hong Kong had lights depicting the Year of the Monkey. Thanks for what you do. I love all your covers. Will S

March, 2016

“Last Friday, I wasn’t having a very good day. Nothing major, just the blah’s! I arrived home Friday evening, and thumbing through the mail, I noticed your letter. My spirit picked up and I opened the letter. I was greeted by two great covers and had a great evening ‘looking over’ your latest work, and adding them to my collection! Once again, he covers are great! Great ‘bead’ work on the New Year cover, and thanks for sharing your family on the LOVE cover. Enjoy your Great Grandchild!” — Bill E

October, 2015

“The most wonderful mail came yesterday. The news letter was done so well, the new cachets are wonderful, and the photo of Samuel precious. You are back in full swing! Terrific.” – Ethel G ☺☺☺ “We missed you…judging from the cachets of Elvis and Ingrid received, you have not lost your touch during your travels from CA to VA to IL…Keep us in the production line for your precious cachets, please.” – Howard D ☺☺☺ “As usual, your artistry was splendid. The sunshine-yellow backdrop for each cover made your imagery stand out all the more prominently. And, of course, those “special effects” which you added to the Elvis cover made that a particularly stand-out piece of work. Thanks again for the last 2 covers…and thank you, as well, for all your artistic contributions to our Hobby.” – Ray L ☺☺☺ “A hearty Mazel Tov on becoming an ‘elter bobbe’! ..Welcome back to Chicagoland.” – Marvin K ☺☺☺ “It is nice to know that you are well and satisfied in Chicago.” – Mark, Linda and Buddy B ☺☺☺ “Your covers always bring a smile to Pegge.” – Chris D ☺☺☺ “Thank you for the beautiful covers. Very nice! I look forward to more of your covers.” – Will S ☺☺☺ “Thank you for the Elvis and Reagan covers. As always they are beautiful.” – Alan and Robin O ☺☺☺ “The cachets arrived, and I love them!! I showed them off at lunch time, and they made a big hit. I had to convince some people that you did the art work and didn’t buy them that way!!” – Char S ☺☺☺ I received the covers yesterday. They’re great!! Over the years, I’ve become an Elvis fan. His outfit on your cover is “RIGHT ON”! …Keep up the good work and keep the covers coming. I really appreciate your work! PS. I have many of your covers with some going back to 1976.” – Bill E ☺☺☺ “Thank you for your recent issues of Elvis and Ingrid Bergman. As always, you’ve done a great job. … I’m into my fourth album of your issues. What a collection!” – Ken W ☺☺☺ “Best of luck at your new residence. Keep up the great work.” – Jerrold K ☺☺☺

March 21, 2015

“…It’s been some time since I made any comments about any of your covers and why should I, because I know before I open the envelope to reveal the new cover — it will be creative, well thought out, colorful and get your trademark style that is really what attracted me to your covers and I’m proud of the 688 Doris Gold covers going back to your number 1 and to the present. You are one of the true gems of the cachet making world –style, dignity, yet a hint of fantasy fun. I hope you keep going, going, going (like that battery commercial). … As to the Ducks — go for it. This collector has all your ducks and would like nothing more than to keep all the ducks in a row. I realize they cost more — what doesn’t, but when you’re dealing with a quality item — it’s worth the price. Please don’t discontinue — they are my favorites. — Bill S.

January 1, 2015

“Hi, Doris . . .
Thank you for the Christmas in Williamsburg cover. As is the case with all your work, this cover, too, was certainly Grade-A
But what really caught my attention more than anything else in your last mailing is your revealing that this is the 40th year that you’ve been designing covers. Wow, just the thought of it is so utterly amazing. Though I’m sure that none of your collectors want you to cut back, it is understandable why you are doing so..
But please remember this . . . and I’m sure my fellow-collectors agree . . . for all 40 of those years, you truly lit up and electrified the Hobby, not only with your talented artistry, but with that special Personal Touch that is uniquely yours and that you were gracious enough to share with your collectors. And as the New Year is about to roll on in, I just wanted to thank you for enriching the Hobby as you did over a span of 4 decades.” –Ray L


“Do you realize how many cachets I have?? Hundreds! More importantly, do you realize how many you have created?? I am sure you have the number somewhere, but it is just amazing how much you have contributed to this field of creativity. Does your brain ever, ever, get tired? The ideas buzzing around in there must keep you up at night! Each of your cachets is so varied and unique in their concept and design. I find so much pleasure in looking at them, and as I have said many times before, I learn so much.

“I take a walk nearly every day around a lake that is near my apartment. There are these birds (ducks, actually) that I have seen diving into the water — I mean a full body immersion. I have been fascinated with them and wondered what they were. Thanks to your beautiful cachet — Canvasback Duck — I may have my answer!

“When I was a recent high school graduate, I remember Shirley Chisholm and her fight for equality in those turbulent 60s. It is great to be reminded of her with this lovely cachet.
“Thanks to you, I always know what Lunar New Year it is. I am sure you are hard at work for the next one. The year of the Horse is beautiful — love the added gold braiding that complements the details of the horse.

“Of course you had to do a study on Colonial Williamsburg! Beautiful. Do you have other ideas that will incorporate Williamsburg? I really enjoyed reading your informative Newsletter all about this historical landmark. You know SO much already about your new home. Very impressive.

“One of my favorites that you recently sent is the Love Is A Paper-Cut. So different from your usual. M liked it also — she appreciated all the technical effort that went into making it.

“Your Charleston Heston cachet really captured his larger-than-life persona… The lovely butterfly cachet reminded me of the visit to the Virginia Botanical Gardens earlier this past summer. We saw beautiful butterflies as well as an exhibit of their various stages of life. Just like your cachet!

“Congratulation again on your so deserving awards this past year! I say it so much, I fear that it might be perceived as insincere, but my admiration for your amazing talent is just the opposite. I am so proud to know you, and I am grateful to be the recipient of your beautiful work. Thank you again and again!” — Linda K

December, 2014

“We’d like to thank you so very much for the wonderful cachets. What a thrill for all of us that you chose Williamsburg, VA for your 2014 Christmas Around the World tribute. We enjoyed your original artwork and poem along with the factual history of the holiday season in this area.” — Pat, Mickey and Huntley

August, 2014

“Thank you so much for the wonderful duck cover! It was so beautiful, I was almost stunned! It is definitely one of your best!” –Evelyn C

August, 2014

“Another gem (2014 Duck)! Thank you for the beauty that you bring into my life!” — Bob L

July, 2014

“How clever of you to time the Canvasback breaking water just in time to see the cancel flying! Love the touch you gave the eye and the way the iris moves to moving light. You never cease to amaze me. Keep it up!” Howie D

March, 2014

“Received your last two covers (Year of the Horse, LOVE Papercut) and what a surprise when I saw the Love Heart 2014. If your name was not on the cover, I would have thought ‘who created this?’ – guess I have become accustomed to your style of cachet art ala the Year of the Horse. But I like it for a couple of reasons – few cachetmakers wouldn’t be daring enough to attempt a new genera or try something different. You could have been very comfortable using your time proven techniques, but you chose to step outside that zone. Bravo for you. The other reason – paper cut designs are difficult and time consuming – but yours turned out wonderfully. Do it again! … You also asked (in my newsletter) for the cover I liked best (in 2013) – that is a most difficult task – like asking someone to select the perfect rose from a bouquet of perfect roses. I guess if I had to choose — the last one of 2013, the Christmas ~ Iceland. Especially like the 12 dwarfs or gnomes, each with their own identity and personality. What a panoply of facial expressions. I would have really liked to say the Love Heart 2014 because it was so different. …What I like most about collecting your cachets, and I have most of them from your first for (Sc) 1710 Lindbergh to the present, was to watch the evolution of a master cover maker – now at the pinnacle of cover art. Can’t wait for the next. Find check enclosed to make certain I will get that next one.” – William S

August, 2013

“Enclosed is my check covering two more Johnny Cash covers. This cover is one of the best cachets you have ever created. All of the elements of the cachet are ‘spot on’ — just perfect.” — John F

July 27, 2013

Thanks again for outstanding cachets-Johnny Cash and the Goldeneye Duck. My initial reaction when looking at the covers was WOW! How you solved the Cash issue was masterful based on the black background on the stamp. I can understand why a bold black background was used in honor of Cash’s preference for black, but what a nightmare for cachet makers as well as collectors who are concerned getting legible and readable cancels that do not blend well. Again you proved yourself in the face of obstacles by your decisions resulting in another award worthy creation. You sure “Walked The Line”. — Howie D

April 30. 2013

” I really enjoyed your last 3 covers — La Florida, LOVE, Rosa Parks, as I put them in my Doris Gold Album with all your other great covers. I think Rosa Parks would have been very pleased and flattered with your cover. She wore her hair parted down the middle most of the time. We had lunches and dinners many times, as she was a friend of my step mother.” — Will S

March 20, 2013

“I received your Rosa Parks FDC and the LOVE stamp FDCovers. I have a couple of questions to ask your about the “young couple.” ❶ Is he proposing to her or begging her for some OREO Cookies she’s carrying in her purse? ❷ If they get married, will they need a chaperon on their honeymoon? ❸ Is there an engagement ring somewhere? I didn’t see one on the bride’s finger. ❹ I’ve read about ‘puppy love.’ But this seems to be ‘out of the cradle love.’ ❺ If they do decide to get married, which ‘parents’ house will they live in- His or Hers?” – Bernie O ☺☺☺

March 19, 2013

“That beribboned cover (2013 LOVE) has to win the BEST Cover Award … just has to.” — Ray L

February 17, 2013

“What a GOLDen Day this turned out to be when I received your FDCovers. The cachet (Year of the Snake) was designed by Doris Gold. The braiding on the left hand side of the FDCover was GOLD, not to mention the color of the entire envelope was painted in GOLD. I felt pretty rich that day. That’s because I have 2 more FDCovers from DORIS GOLD to add to my RICH collection of her FDCovers.” — Bernie O.

February, 2013

“I bought myself a new First Day Cover album in which to display my wonderful collection of your art! Ken organized the envelopes by date for me and loaded them into the book, which I will keep on the bookshelf in our family room. I am very proud of the covers you have given me over the years: first, because they are beautiful art and I am so proud to be friends with the artist herself! And second, because you consider me your friend as well, since you gave these to me. So thank you again, Doris, for my lovely collection.” — Judy R

January, 2013

“A touch of Gold” continues to touch us all who admire artistic talent, creativity and imagination. Your Emancipation Proclamation cachet highlights an amazing record of cover creations. How your cachets keep improving is a wonder to behold given the masterpieces you have completed. I feel it a priviledge belonging to “The Touch of Gold” family. –Howie D.

December, 2012

“Just wanted to let you know that your beautiful package of cachets arrived safely and once again I am just stunned! Stunned at their beauty, their depth, their emotion. You’re just amazing. Your talent doesn’t diminish; it seems to evolve and grow with each passing year. I don’t mean to patronize you, but these cachets are such a treasured gift to me. … to receive this lovely package was like a shot of oxygen to me! I take a deep breath and say, ‘well, yes, there are some nice people out there’! Never doubt that you have made a positive impact on the world.” — Linda K

“Thank you so, so much for your card and the beautiful First Day Covers!!! Ken and I were excited when we felt your envelope! It was so thick… We love all the covers. Ken couldn’t believe you painted Danny Thomas’s likeness yourself, and had to hear again how you did it. I thought the ship (USS Constitution) was so intricate! And the Guatemala and Love covers were so colorful. You are an amazingly gifted artist, Doris, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your art with Ken and me. –Judy & Ken R

November 9, 2012

“I read your comments in the “Behind Closed Doris” section of your Newsletter. As a loyal collector of your First Day Covers, may you continue to have many WHIMS in the days and months ahead.
Not only will all your collectors put up with your WHIMS, but we encourage your to seek out and find as many WHIMS as possible!
Let the artistry continue to flow with every brush stroke from Doris Gold.
Whimsically yours, Bernard O

October 12, 2012

“O Henry would be proud of you for your cachet. So life like as well as the story it presents. How do you do it every time? You must tire of all the accolades you receive but I guess you’ll just have to put up with it. Looking forward to your Christmas issue. Enjoy the upcoming Holidays.”– Howie D.

September 26, 2012

“The spectacular cachet of the USS Constitution makes this old salt (Navy Veteran) reminisce over his days as a swashbuckler. There is nothing like a lung full of sea air or the smell of the galley while waiting in the chow line. Now as a landlubber you have, through your artwork, created further appreciation of what seaman went through to man and run these ships. Whoops, got to go and get the gear together so we don’t go adrift. Batten down the hatches mates! Heave those lines for full sail. Prepare to dock later for sale of these cachets to others. Well done Doris.”

— Howie (shiver me timbers) D.


September 20, 2012 regarding Edgar Rice Burroughs FDC:

“ It was truly a wondrous cover evoking memories of a young lad watching every Tarzan movie at the local movie theater and on early Black & White Television. To a young boy on a farm in the 40s, it was an escape to a far different world. Those different worlds became far more distant and exotic during my years of teaching when I became hooked on the literary genre of fantasy-science fiction – then I discovered the worlds of Middle Earth, Narnia and Barsoom with the adventures of John Carter (also a recent Disney movie). You succeeded so well in depicting the concept of ‘different worlds and creatures’ that you stimulate the viewers mind to want to go with John Carter on his exploits on Barsoom. Thanks for the flight – true genius… Will look forward to next cover and thanks for the newsletter – always enjoyable behind the cover reading. Good job!” – A devoted fan and collector, – Bill S

September 13, 2012

“Your E.R.B. (Edgar Rice Burroughs)cover arrived today in great shape and it looks great, too! Thanks for all of your intricate and stunning work on it. Lots of detail! … Your writeup inside was very good as well. I liked your opening about swinging on a vine and swinging on a star. You did a nice summary of ERB’s life! This will have a place of honor in my collection of ERB-themed covers.” — John M

September 12, 2012

“We just received a wonderful surprise in today’s mail…your First Day Covers. They were all lovely but my favorite is Danny Thomas.. I think a portrait is the hardest thing to paint…and you did it–you really captured him. I am in awe of your talent. (I have to be satisfied with my “stick figures”). Thanks for sharing.. We are honored to have them.” — Diane and Bob K

August 16, 2012

“I know it is difficult to get all, and in balance on a multi-subject issue, but you did a wonderful job on the MLB (Major League Baseball All Stars) player stamps. I often wonder how the USPS picks issues like this — two of the greatest hitters ever to play the game, who both set marks in 1941 that may never be matched — the first African-American to play in the AL (American League), who endured all that Jackie Robinson did, without the East Coast acclaim — and Willie Stargell, of “We are Family” fame. All successful, all deserving, but the combination puzzles me. Another beautiful cover.” — David E.

August 14, 2012

Major League Baseball is another beautiful issue in a series of beautiful issues. — John F.

August 12, 2012

Well, you’ve done it again — inspired and impressed me beyond words! Big congratulations to you on your astounding achievements at the AFDCS cachet awards!! I know your cachets are beautiful and so deserving, but I also know that there is incredible competition there as well. But, the cream always rises to the top and that is where we find your cachets. I am SO very proud to know you and have in my possession these beautiful cachets. –Judy R

Your beautiful daughter’s loving tribute brought me to tears. I am so very happy that your dream of attending the conference was realized. If ever there was an example of being optimistic and ‘keeping the faith’, this is one for the records! Please embrace these accolades and know, without a doubt, you have brought beauty and joy into the world, and inspired many with your talent and your own loveliness — inside and out. — Linda K.

A Letter from Bernie:

“To paraphrase that famous question:
How do you get to Carnegie Hall?
ANSWER: Practice, Practice, Practice!
Well, in your case it’s
How do you get to the Smithsonian Museum?
ANSWER: By Painting, Painting, Painting!
Congratulations for this well deserved honor. You’ve been judged by your peers as being one of the top First Day Cover Artists. You finally are getting the recognition you so fully deserve.
I hope you produce many more beautiful FDCovers in the years ahead.”
— Sincerely, B.R.O.

Another letter from Bernie: “You’ve done it again! Your lst Day Cover of the “Wood” Duck is so realistic, it’s ready to take off in flight. As far as the question “How much wood could a Wood Duck chuck?” The answer may lie in the size of the Wooden Duck. I would estimate that the wooden duck on your 1st Day Cover can chuck a ‘cord’ or wood. The smaller size wooden ducks may only chuck a half-cord, and so on. I’m sure you will keep your subscribers informed if you come across any scientific evidence on “how much can a wood duck chuck wood.” — B.O.

May, 2012

“What a joy to receive your latest ‘award winners’ “Cherry Blossoms” and “William H. Johnson.” There is nothing you have not covered in what I enjoy about cachets. Your command of color blending is remarkable. The ideas you bring to life on your cachets must be the envy of cachet makers. I am glad to be a customer rather than a competitor! Don’t you dare change a thing.” – HD ☺☺☺

April, 2012

The following are some of the responses to the news that two of my FDCs for the Owney the Postal Dog stamp have been selected by the SMITHSONIAN National Postal Museum:
“So nice.” — Carol

“Congratulations!!! We are bursting at the seams with pride on your 2 Owney covers being included in the Smithsonian museum!!!! Wow, wow, wow! “If you think it, it will be” I thought it and hoped for you!! Wonderful!!!!We’re all so proud!!!!!!!!!! — Iris and Pat

“Congratulations Grandma! I’m so proud of you and all your fantastic work. Now everyone who goes to visit there will get to see how beautiful your artwork is! I’m going to tell everyone that I have a famous Grandma now 🙂 … “Congratulations — That’s so cool!” — Sheryl and Pablo

“Congratulations!! We’ll make it a point to go see it.” — Brian and Mary Beth
“Congratulations, Grandma! That’s such an honor! I’ll definitely want to go and see the exhibit.” — Laura

“Wow, gram that’s awesome!! How exciting! Congrats!!:) “What an honor for you! Congratulations!” — Stacy and Dawn

“Congratulations! How wonderful for you to have been selected for this great honor! I’m so proud of your achievement! You’re a very accomplished artist that deserves this recognition for the dedication and devotion you’ve paid to your craft over these many years. Once again, Congratulations Doris.” — Bruce

“Congratulations! How wonderful to have had your work selected by the Smithsonian Postal Museum.. That is quite an honor. We will be watching their Arago site for your “Owney” Stamp covers. You must be very proud…and rightly so. If your other covers we have seen are any indication, the Owney covers must be outstanding…can’t wait to see them. Again, Congratulations.” — Diane & Bob

“Congratulations on you being honored by the Smithonian. You very much deserve it.” — Vernon Kahn

“This is wonderful news! Congratulations! I look forward to seeing the exhibit.” — Denise

“Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!How very exciting! Thanks for sharing the good news!” — Linda

March, 2012

“Received your latest covers (Danny Thomas and Love) and both were in keeping with high standards that are a hallmark of your covers. Although I appreciate those little extras attached tothe covers, I am still enthralled by your distinctive and artistic rendering of each cover you make. I recently reviewed your covers from your first (Sc 1710) to the above and how interesting it was to see the evolution of a truly creative genius in the art of cover design – so keep on going!” – BWS

“Your timing is always great — when I need a fix, guess what I get in the mail! (FDCs) — HD
From USPS cancellation services: “I’ve seen articles on your covers. It is an honor to service them for you.” – BB

“… Your “Year of the Dragon” cover was fantastic and beautiful.
Everyone I’ve shown it to has repeatedly said, “WOW!” In my opinion it’s way up there with your best ever achievements.” – KB

“I knew Danny Thomas personally, and not only did you capture
his likeness, but the goodness of the man was also apparent. This is the best thing you ever did!!!” – PP

August, 2011 RE: 2010 AFDCS AWARDS
“For once, I can find no fault with the judges! I haven’t kept count, but I believe that you have more wins over the years than anyone else. I’m proud to know you, and prouder to have your covers in my albums.” …“I note through the years that I have been watching that winners come and go. This year was no exception. But I don’t believe that anyone can touch your record for continuing wins over time. As I have noted many times before, your work gets better and better, while so many cachetmakers experience burnout or leave the field.”– JAD

“I just checked out the (Awards) site! WOW. 4 winners!!
Have you ever had so many awards in a single year?? Congratulations!!! So proud of you and your continued work and effort.” –SC

March, 2012

Hi Mom, I was just able to take some time to look at the Owney cover and read the inserts. I believe it isn’t until one takes the time to read the inserts, one can actually appreciate all the work that goes into each and every one of your covers. I really appreciate all the time you take to research the stamp subject. The information, history and stories included in your inserts truly make your covers come to life!! Your covers are educational, as well as beautiful works of art. I love the detail and colors of Owney’s special harness with all his medals. The yellow color background is soft and warm. Owney is such a precious dog with a heartwarming story and your depiction of him is fantastic. The postal clerks and mailbag on the cover round out the cachet. I believe this cover and cachet is one of my very favorites, as our pets are truly our “Forever” friends. I am so proud of you and all of your work over the years. I am lucky to have an award winning MOM, who has been recognized and admired by numerous First Day Cover collectors and the American First Day Cover Society. I am a number One Fan, who has seen your talent grow from your early days of painting murals on walls, to 3-D collages, sewing, knitting, decorating, finishing wood furniture among other things, and First Day Cover cachets. Your artistic talents over the years are numerous, but nothing can compare to the dedicated, loving, caring, patient, understanding, kind, and decent human being and Mom you have been over the years. Though we live thousands of miles away, you are and always have been there for me- as you are only a telephone call or an e-mail away. Your loving daughter and admirer, Iris

An in-depth article, ‘A Tribute to Doris Gold’ appears in the July 15 issue of the American First Day Cover Society Journal, First Days, on pp 62-67.!July/August, 2011
“I received your Mark Twain FDC and your White Fronted Goose cover. Both are beautiful FDCovers. However, when I looked at the details of the White Fronted Goose, I got the “Goose Bumps.” I immediately ate some “Goose Berries” and did some “Goose Steps” and the “Goose Bumps” disappeared.” ☺☺☺ “I received your federal duck cover today, and it is beautiful! It is one of your best! I will be looking forward to the one for next year.” EC “We were delighted to receive your last three FDCs and it appears you get better with age– or is it experience?” – A&I E “… As for the covers: What treasures each are! Your main Civil War cover figure is painstakingly accurate, and I was first upset that this soldier wore the blue instead of the gray, but then it would have been painful to see one of our boys barefoot. Your duck cover will rank with the best, and the Boy Scout with binoculars (stamp) is evidence of your characteristic unique ingenuity. And as for the third cover, I only regret that ol’ Mark himself is not around to prize it, for that he surely would … with your covers predominating now, what beauties my most recent albums are!” – JAD “The first day covers (Mark Twain) arrived in fine condition. Thank you.” – HS “What a clever play on words “Jump on the Duck-Twain”read in your latest newsletter. As usual you do not “DUCK” a challenge nor seek in “VAIN” for ideas. The all over treatment in your cachets along with such imaginative art makes me feel you have many more honors on the way. I feel privileged to add what should be award winning cachets of the White Fronted Goose and the Mark Twain covers to my collection.” – HD “Another beautiful Duck in an outstanding series.” – JF “I cannot tell you which I like better; Touchstone in the forest of Arden in “As You Like It” or Shakespeare himself adorned with the truly magnificent lace collar (two hand-painted one-of-a kind add-ons made for the Shakespeare stamp issue.” …”I am delighted that the covers came today because they are just in time for our Club’s March Show and Tell. (I think it only fair that the club get a sneak preview)…” — AK, Flossmoor, IL

Thank you, thank you! I love my 1/1 Doris Gold “As You Like It” cachet.

November, 2010

“As one of the 3,000 people at the Mother Teresa service and First Day Ceremony, thank you for doing an excellent cachet for Mother Theresa.” — FM III

“The artwork and definition of the stained glass window is unbelievable. The amount of detail you get in such a small space is amazing. And the rendition of Mother Teresa is remarkable.” — NR

August, 2010

“Looking at your cachet for this issue (Negro Leagues Baseball) almost gave me a whiff of hot dogs, popcorn and peanuts. Did you add a flavor to your paints? By th way, are you sure that is not you leaning over the dugout for a look, or were you just trying to get bubble gum? You again captured the theme of the cachet. Well done!” – HD

“The Oscar Micheaux, Negro Baseball League, and the 2010 Federal Duck stamps (FDCs) were great additions and what can one say that hasn’t already been said by others about their impressiveness. I also continue to find the Newsletter ever interesting and informative, while also providing insight to your creations.
“I do have something to say about the 2010 duck stamp. I have them all and they are a treasured part of my Doris Gold collection. Don’t ask me to select a favorite, as each is unique. The last one for the American Wigeon showing the solitary duck is very simple, yet there is the aura of autumn wetland environment with the lowering sun and you can almost sense that the duck is considering the migration south ahead of impending winter. Producing these aura is a hallmark of your covers — like enigmatic smile on the face of Mona Lisa.” — BS

July, 2010

“Yesterday’s downpour was penetrated by a double ray of sunshine focused on our mailbox, and I just knew that our postman had come and brought an envelope from you! The Micheaux insert is a most credible piece of research, and both covers (Micheaux and 2010 Duck) are outstandingly beautiful.
“I have to comment particularly on your 2010 duck. I have a dedicated album of duck covers, including work by such as Poormon, Lipof, Pugh, Collins, Ham, Dunne, DeRosset, Geerling, and Sue Allen — but your 2010 duck is not only right at home among these elite fowls, it’s glassy eye makes it an appropriate overseer of and superior to the others..” — JAD

“Just when I think you can’t draw a more beautiful cover, it happens! I love it! Please email me next year, with your 2011 cover. Thank you very much!” — EC

“Today’s mail was fascinating, beautiful, and educational. I did not know of this man (Oscar Micheaux), and what an inspiring life he had. Thank you for choosing to educate us about him.” — EG

June, 2010

FROM THE PALM SPRINGS AIR MUSEUM: “We would like to thank you very much for your donation of the Bill Mauldin Firs Day Cover. This has been gratefully added to our museum’s collection. We realize that there are many options when considering a donation and appreciate you choosing the Palm Springs Air Museum.”
“The Palm Springs Air Museum is an exciting tribute to everyone who participated in the aviation success of World War II. It is far more than a collection of airplanes and artifacts, but a very active organization conducting special educational programs throughout the year. Your support benefits both the museum and the community. Best regards,
R. Richard Clark”

May, 2010

“Your Adopt-a-Pet cover just came in, and were it not for Pegge’s allergies, I would be on the way to the animal shelter! I simply cannot conceive of a more appealing set of protraits than those that adorn this beautiful cachet!”– JD

April, 2010


“Your YEAR OF THE TIGER is a real prize. Ya’ know, we see the expression “handcrafted envelope” used quite liberally today. In general it refers to a cachetist who simply folds his/her envelope. However, by adorning your covers with a special gold ‘chain,’ as you did on this cover, you gave true meaning to the word “handcrafted.” Thumbs up! — RL

March, 2010

“It looks like my timing was right for ordering the Bette Davis FDC, since it looks like the last one available.” — DE

“I enjoy looking at (my) collection and noting the changes over the years. Your covers are unusual and show a lot of thought and study goes into them.” — EF

“Keep up the good work. Your Year of the Tiger is outstanding — just like all your other Chinese New Year covers.” — FM III

“When I opened the envelope with your Chinese Lunar 2010 FDC, I didn’t know if the tiger was “purring” at me or going to “attack” me. So I built an iron cage with iron bars and put this “Tiger Cachet” behind bars. Now I’m not worried if it will attack me! Great cover; great information; and a wonderful REALISTIC cachet.” — BRO

January, 2010

“… I have to write to say that your artistry never ceases to amaze me! Your ability to idealize, create, and get the cachets processed is in of itself so incredible, but then you go on to research and compose the enthralling and oh-so-readable article inserts! And, newsletters! Allow me to compliment you over and over…I especially love the biographical cachets — Gary Cooper (a favorite of my Mom’s), Bob Hope (oh, how I miss his kind of humor), and Edgar Allen Poe (favorite since high school). Learning about other customs is so interesting, and I love the wonderful way you always capture nature (Duck stamp). Your capacity for pulling in the essence of your subjects just must be limitless! I send my very best wishes for another successful year and look forward to your future treasures. ” – LK

August, 2009

When Grandchildren Sheryl and Pablo were in Argentina on vacation, they presented the Libertad Synagogue with my 2006 cachet design in their honor. I received the following e-mail:


Dear Mrs.Doris Gold:
We had the pleasure to recive your grandchildren who gave us the First Day Issue of the stamp of October 6,2006 ,with the cachet of our synagogue designed by you. We are really proud that our synagogue,the oldest in this country,will be known all over the USA,thanks to your design and text; considering also that we have our Jewish Museum,well known all over the world. We thank you so much,and we ask the Almighty to give you good health and strenght to continue your wonderfull work and we wish you the best for the comming New Year 5710.

Rabbi Dr.Simón Moguilevsky (Congregacion Israelita de la Republica Argentina [Libertad])

July, 2009

“…So, there I was working quietly at my desk when the postman showed up and left a small package from ZIP 91941, now 91942 (a clear indication that La Mesa is growing) which I opened immediately, saw the Bob Hope marquee with the incandescent light bulbs, and nearly dropped unconscious to the floor. As you know, I am one of Broadway’s greatest admirers and to see the old world marquee that still exists and to see the incandescent bulbs around and under the marquees that still exist was almost too much for me to bear. It brought back too many GREAT memories too soon. … Thank you, Doris, for the glorious walk down memory lane. And for the GREAT cachet. You are a marvel of creativity and your cachets are extraordinary.” – SZ

June, 2009

“I was particularly fond of the Love: King/Queen cover. When my parents were alive, I used to fly up to North Carolina a couple of times per year. Part of each reunion consisted of a couple hours of “friendly” poker. It was one of the many ways we bonded. … And therein lies the beauty of collecting covers. It’s not just the appreciation of beautiful art, but its treasured memories, as well. … You definitely dealt a royal flush with that cover. Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane.” – RL

“I just received your King and Queen of Hearts FDC. Needless to say, I was very disappointed. No, not at your artwork of the FDC, but the non-descriptive and bland looking stamps. I suggest that you send the Post Office your art work before they design any new stamps. Maybe they will incorporate your art work into their postage stamps. … P.S. I loved your Bob Hope cover with the marquee projecting out on the cover. Too bad I can’t turn the lights on when it gets dark! — BO

Excerpts from a long letter from one of my collectors:

“I remember sharing with you some of the art from my copy of Johnny Gruele’s book Friendly Fairies that my father sent me from Mt.McGreggorHospital in NY in 1930. One of my favorite stories in that book was about a magic chest filled with gold coins, and the chest replenished itself when coins were removed. You have made my mailbox my magic chest, for today I found Touch of Gold covers once again in my mailbox. Thank you for converting my otherwise ordinary postal receptacle into a Gold chest.

What an experience to go aboard the USS Midway — and to meet two of the Hope children! I have never been aboard that particular carrier, but have gotten lost on others like it. …

The two covers (King and Queen of Hearts and Bob Hope) have to be among your very best. You capture Hope better than any camera shot, and your king and queen are the romantic figures as I visualized them in childhood — not the Peyton Place characters we find too frequently among royalty today. Your inserts make these a learning experience as well — Packy East was new to me. …

I almost forgot — the photos in your Hope newsletter are great These add so very much.” — JD

“Every once in a while, I pull out my entire collection of your work. You continue to impress me with the extent you go to in making your covers really enjoyable to see. I truly do enjoy your artistry, and I look forward to each of your future covers.” – KW

“As usual your cachets are different – shows a lot of thought goes into them. They are lovely… Still have the cachets your daughter and granddaughter made a few years ago.” – EF

“Received the King & Queen of Hearts and Bob Hope covers, and as I’ve come to expect of a Doris Gold cover, they were super – always creative and beautifully rendered. Always makes you want to see and possess the next cover(s)… If I’m not a subscriber for the Duck Stamps, then I want to be and I want to ensure that I can receive the 2009 cover – as I have all of them. Thanks, – BJS ☺☺☺

February, 2009


In the 1980’s Professor Earl Planty, Dean of Cachetmakers, published a paper which espoused analyzing cachets. He called this Cachet Appreciation. I received a letter from a subscriber recently, which seems to follow along these lines, and I would like to share it in its entirety:

“After I received your latest two covers: Year of the Ox and Edgar Allan Poe, I felt compelled to drop you a quick note. The Year of the Ox was delightful, especially with the addition of the “lights” – always innovative. But it was the Edgar Allan Poe cover that really caused me to stop and write this.

The portrait of Edgar Allan Poe was right on, but as you stated in the Newsletter it was the stark trees against the ‘bleeding’ brown backdrop that gave the cover its aura of mystery. It’s like you are being drawn deeper and deeper into the cover, much like the allure of Poe’s books – into the world of the macabre. Then, the addition of the raven, that in the poem quoteth, “nevermore.” But in the case of your covers, the raven should say “evermore” – your covers should come evermore.

Your covers remind me of Keats’ Ode on a Grecian Urn, where he says “A thing of beauty is a joy forever,” because as in the case of any good treasure, they can be enjoyed again and again. Thanks for sharing your talent via your covers and I, like the raven, hope your covers come “evermore.”

Can’t wait to see the next treasure!” – A devoted fan, BJS

“What can I say that has not already been said about your cachets? Received the OX ‘n’ POE and again thrilled with the results, in particular, your treatment of the lighting on the “Lunar Year of the Ox” cover. How clever. … If I was a cachetmaker I would hang up my tools rather than compete against the “Touch of Gold.” You can play down your popularity out of respect for your competition but let us face it, you have the “Wall of Fame” for all of your acclaimed cover honors that speaks for itself.” — HPD

“The past week in South Florida, we recorded some of our coldest days on record, with the temps dipping into the low 30s with a wind-chill factor in the 20s. During the same week, I received your last 2 FDC: the Year of the Ox and Edgar Allan Poe. Your timing was perfect, for your covers provided me with some much needed sunshine.” – RL

January, 2009

In response to LK’s receipt of our 2008 YEAR First Day Covers,I received the following letter:
“Once again I am trying to find the right words to thank you ever so much for the lovely cachets. As always, your talent amazes me, inspires me, teaches me, and brings me such joy. …

  • I love the Bette Davis and Frank Sinatra cachets – they will be eternal favorites. You captured their likenesses perfectly.
  • A few years back, I was dragged to a few baseball games, and the best part (for me) was the seventh-inning stretch and the singing of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” – ha! I had no idea about the myth regarding President Taft starting this tradition – so interesting! See? That’s what I appreciate about your wonderful work; not only are you an incredible artist, the interesting tidbits and facts you include are just so great.
  • The story with your beautiful Rykestrasse Synagogue cachet was just so moving. Wow! 60 years after that horrible, horrible event, this glorious synagogue celebrates a grand reopening. So inspiring!
  • I will probably never get to Ethiopia, but I now know some important and interesting things about it, along with the Chinese New Year. Your staging of both cachets is just stunning.
  • I read “The Yearling” by Marjorie Rawlings many years ago (and saw the movie many years ago, as well), but now your delightful cachet will motivate me to look into her other novels.
  • As it is bitter cold outside again as I write this (we’ve had sub-zero temperatures already this winter), I look longingly at your lovely Duck Stamp (complete with a real feather, no less!) and pine for what appears to be a warm, partly cloudy day at sunset on a quiet, little pond (or maybe near a lake shore?) Your artistry truly invites me in.
  • I am still reading your newsletters – I’ve brought them to work and look over them at lunch time. You’re such a great writer – a real communicator who gets a difficult job done in a smart and entertaining way.” – LK, Morgantown, WV


Note: How eloquently LK expresses herself! It is always nice to know how the recipients of my covers feel. This was so nicely done, I will treasure it forever. – DG

November, 2008

“I don’t know which is more fun — your beautiful cachets or the humor and taste with which you inform them.” — PE

“We are blessed with so many caring people in our lives. Thanks for your beautiful First Day Covers. They are amazing.” –D&RL

October, 2008

(From France): “Now I have been at your homepage and read a little about you. It was fun and interesting reading to get to “know you” :-). I really love your production and am always looking for the ones with the “touch of gold.” — SD’O

“What I find so interesting is that you research the figures and their markings so well (2008 Duck FDC).” — EG

July, 2008

“I was at the mail box when our jovial postman came with the mail. “Today is going to be special for you,” he said, as he handed me the envelope from Touch of Gold. What an understatement! And those beady eyes bring the little feathered critters to life.

“I have HP duck stamps from many of the very best — Pugh, Lois Hamilton, Linda Geerlings, De Rossett, Poorman, Sue Allen, Ross Hamilton, and some others with only initials that I cannot identify now — and yours not only do not suffer by comparison, they add substantially to the natural beauty of a collection in which they are quite at home.
You have an amazing talent. Thanks.” — JAD

“Here is my order for two of your beautiful covers (Ducks). … I purchase your covers, whenever I can find them, and I love every one of them! Thank you very much!


“I received the covers today–2005 Hooded Meganser Duck, and 2008 Northern Pintail Duck, and they are beautiful! Thank you so much!” — EC

June, 2008
“Just received the Frank Sinatra issue – another great cover, especially with your ability to capture the essence of the individual, which you so often do. Each addition to the cover is always interesting and just somehow gives it that extra and personal touch. … Your accompanying Newsletter is always a plethora of information and always interesting. The info about Frank Sinatra was particularly interesting. The inclusion of pictures a real plus, especially those of you and your family– really adds the personal touch.” – WJS

“I am so glad I ordered the Hand Painted FDC of Frank Sinatra. When I took the FDC out of the envelope, there was a portrait of Frank Sinatra smiling and looking like “OLD BLUE EYES” himself. Congratulations on a job well done. Are you sure that you’re not a portrait artist passing yourself off as a First Day Cover designer?” – BO

“Start spreading the News!” your Sinatra cover is , ‘A’ Number One, Top of the Heap! – Dr. HC “Just loved the Frank Sinatra thru the ages cover.” – JF

“Regarding Sinatra: I have always suspected ‘I’VE GOT YOU UNDER MY SKIN.’ When old Blue Eyes arrived it convinced me to have it ‘“MY WAY’ ‘NIGHT AND DAY. While looking at your cover I admit ‘MY HEART STOOD STILL.’ ‘THE VERY THOUGHT OF YOU’ sending it to me ‘ALL THE WAY,’ ‘COME RAIN OR COME SHINE”is appreciated. ‘WHAT IS THIS THING CALLED LOVE’ is your touch of gold. Maybe it’s “WITCHCRAFT” hmmmm?” – HD

May, 2008

(Responses to A Blast from the Past by Doris Gold, appearing in First Days, June 1,2008, page ll)

“What an interesting article. I also went on the DN Journal’s web site for the bibliography and was overwhelmed to get a double-barreled treatment of success stories — yours and the one of Ari. Doris, you have been such an influence to those who have come in contact with you, it goes without saying you are a “TOUCH OF GOLD.” We may never meet, but it is no loss as long as our association continues through communication. God Bless You And Yours, — Howard Dennis ”

“My copy of First Days came in only today, but what a joy and inspiration to read your article.
“You may remember in ‘Diary’ I reported meeting a student some 20 years after she had been in a class I taught, and how pleased I was that she said that that course was the best she had ever had. The truth was not as flattering, when I asked her the name of the course or the text, which she could not remember. “But what made my class so special for you?” I asked. She replied “It was those funny stories you always came up with.”

“Thus, I can only consider my legacy from years of teaching to be giving some young people a few laughs. Your impact has been so much more. I have come to believe that impact on others has nothing to do with the medium — teaching in my case, FDC art in yours — that makes the difference, but the high integrity and humane conscience of the person. Your young man is a high tribute to you.

“Oh — and incidentally, nice writing! — Junius Davis, PHD”

March, 2008

“You have such a wonderful grasp of colors, it never ceases to amaze me with each cover you send. Many cachetmakers must marvel at the unique artistry given your covers. Thank you again, and by the way – in the words of (Marjorie Kinnan)Rawlings, “Cross Creek belongs to the wind and the rain, etc.”– well now it belongs to me through your creations. What a treat to be blessed with your gems all ‘THE YEAR-LING’. ” – HD

(From a new subscriber) “Am enjoying your first covers.” – HS

“I just had to send you another note to say thank you! You are a wonderful and talented artist… I love the Garbo and the Tiffany covers. I enjoy working in stained glass and I was lucky to see some of Tiffany’s work first hand about a year ago in Pittsburgh. It was just exquisite – beyond my description… Your beautifully crafted cover will remind me of that every time I look at it.
“As for my father, well he went on and on about his covers, postcards, stamps etc, etc. Getting the FDC’s for him was a great reason for him to take out some of his albums and again enjoy his love for Philately. So from both of us, thank you again.” — MR

In response to an email authenticating my autograph on a “Happy Birthday America” cover designed for Greater Miami Cachets in 1976: “Thank you so much for the information. I will be on the lookout for more of your works. Looks like you were blessed with a very special gift. Your work will continue to give much enjoyment to many for a very long time.” — BP

“This cachet (Charles Chesnutt) is fabulous, and it was a learning experience for me I do not recall of ever hearing of this writer.” — EG

Note with subscription renewal deposit: “Dues for the Poor Man’s Metropolitan Museum of Art.” — JAD

February 20, 2008

“Saw your article in the latest edition of “First Days.” Your title was so aptly stated — neither too young nor too old. As a retired educator, I appreciate the significance of telling our young and old about our hobby. My greatest regret is that I didn’t start collecting sooner and it’s important that one has a hobby — it helps give life more significance and importance in later years. With collecting — you can’t wait to see the next cover creation — you have something to look forward to. It’s just what the doctor has ordered and if I were still teaching, I would have wanted you to come to my classes. Seeing the quality of your work, I know your presentation had that “touch of gold.” My hat’s off to you for this endeavor, because despite being very busy, you still gave of your time — something all of us should do. You make me proud to be a member of the cover collecting community. Thanks from a retired educator who is awfully glad to have a hobby that brings enjoyment, anticipation and a sense of accomplishment.” — WJS

January 28, 2008

“Just had to send off a small note to compliment on your Year of the Rat cover; the golden braiding was the frosting on the cake, so to speak. I really appreciate the extra time you take and extra effort that goes into creating those special effects. A solid thumbs-up.
In another matter, I enjoyed your First Days article, and I applaud your efforts to bring the joy of covers to young minds. Hopefully, in the years ahead, they will carry the torch that you handed to them, and keep the Hobby’s light bright for many, many years to come.
Thanks again for your contributions to the hobby.”
— RL

In response to a donation of FDC’s:

“On behalf of the Officers and Board of Managers of the Congregation Beth Ahabah, the Rabbi, Cantor, Sisterhood, Museum & Archives and me, please accept my sincere “Thank You” for the lovely and generous contribution of “First Covers.” Please know that your caring and concern for our congregation is very much appreciated.” — RMF, Executive Director

“The two FDC’s (Christmas and Hanukkah) are teriffic! So much work went into the costumes on the Bulgaria cover, and the historical information about the synagogue (Beth Ahabah) in Richmond, is so special. How wonderful that you were able to share that knowledge with everyone.” –EG

October, 2007

A hand printed letter from one of my recent subscribers is so heartwarming, I would like to share some of it with you:

“Doris, I just received your latest cover, Gerald R. Ford, and as always you capture so well the spirit of the man and our former President. I am a great admirer of President Ford, who handled so well a most difficult time in our political history. Your cachet does him great justice. Thanks for another great cover as do all your covers — they have that appeal that makes you want to see the next one and the next one. Keep going — here’s one fan that hopes to receive another Doris Gold cachet for years and years. I never tire of going through my cover collection again and again. I wont tell you the number of times I have revisited my Doris Gold collection. For me this means you’re doing it right. Some cachets are mundane, but yours are the most alive and vibrant. … For me, I collect what I like and I like that “touch of gold.” -BJS

From a Christmas Topic collector: “Do you really visit all the countries you write about for your FDC’s (Christmas Around the World)?” Answer: “I wish! But, no, I just armchair travel without leaving my home. It’s known as the computer, which can take anyone to any place in the world.– DG

“Thanks, Doris, for the cute, lovely card. But then, that’s the Doris I’ve come to know and love! 🙂 Seeing you as a cachetmaker is only seeing you on the surface without seeing the big heart that lies beneath it”. – DM

“Just what I needed to ward off the cold,
A cheerful message from your “Touch of Gold.”
Fire on the hearth, slippers on my feet,
DGX #138 & 139 would really be neat.”

“For these many years I look forward to your beautiful cachets. It’s always a great surprise, and a thing of beauty.” -LW

“Thank you for your latest covers! They’re all just beautiful and I treasure every one. It’s really been nice receiving your covers, and it always makes me feel like I’m receiving a present from you.

“I received your Arthur Ashe cover. I am always particularly fond of special effect covers, in this case the ‘netting'(on the tennis racquet). It’s always such a pleasant surprise when you do this.”