A newsletter is sent along with each First Day Cover, giving insight into the cachet design(s) and to further enhance the knowledge about the stamp issue. Below are some highlights of some newsletters:

JUNE, 2016

SARAH’S VAUNT ~ SHIRLEY’S TEMPLE:  Two FDCs, Sarah Vaughan — one of the most wondrous voices of the 20th century, and Shirley Temple, the youngest actress to receive an Academy Award are featured in this issue.  Each FDC has more information about the honorees.

JULY, 2012

EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS ~ FROM TARZAN TO JOHN CARTER! This cachet design tells a story, with the author Edgar Rice Burroughs reading one of his famous Tarzan books. Depicted are Tarzan and John Carter. The details of the design are intricate, and the colors are ‘other-worldly.’ Other features of the newsletter tell about AMERICOVER 2012 with photos, the awards received, and other information


LOVE RIBBONS and DANNY THOMAS A poem accompanies the LOVE RIBBONS cachet design, and a red ribbon is added by hand to each cover. The DANNY THOMAS issue shows Danny, not only as the entertainer for which he is known, but also as the humanitarian he was.


LUNAR NEW YEAR ~ DRAGON or Here’s your Hongbao (Red Envelope) Find out what a Hongbao is, and learn some of the traditions of the Lunar New Year. A RED envelope has been developed for the cachet design, which is a tradition for the Lunar New Year. A dragon and other symbols complete the design. … Also get to see some of the photos taken on my last trip to the east coast!


JUMP ON THE DUCK~TWAIN, a play on words for the 2011 Duck~White Fronted Goose, and Mark Twain. Lots of information in these pages.


CIVIL WAR an oxymoron. The cachet is a moving story showing a young boy dressed in a Civil War uniform, as he marches by a tombstone (representing all that perished in the war), an American flag, and the thoughts the boy has of those who fought — brother fighting brother!


CHRISTMAS AROUND THE WORLD~INDONESIA continues our series with a cachet design depicting Indonesian people in their traditional costumes. The insert text gives more insight into how the holiday is celebrated in that country.


SOME NUNSENSE, and a cachet design of MOTHER TERESA are highlighted. The cachet shows a portrait of Mother Teresa aside a depiction of a stained glass window.

AUGUST, 2010

BE PREPARED — THE SCOUTS ARE HERE! The scouting issue cachet honors both Boy and Girl Scouts, depicting the founders and current scouts. Also highlights of the AFDCS AMERICOVER 2010 Convention.

JUNE 2010

A Queen on High, Will Flutter by ~ Katharine Hepburn (a monarch in “The Lion in Winter”), and the Monarch Butterfly — two intriguing subjects. Learn about both.

MAY 2010

ADOPT A SHELTER PET — It’s Pane-ing Cats and Dogs! Features a cute kitten and Puppy begging to be taken home. Lots of information in this issue, including illustrtions.

APRIL 2010

BILL MAULDIN, Editorial Cartoonist, Pulitzer Prize Winner is featured.


LUNAR NEW YEAR OF THE TIGER, Gung Hay Fat Choy! Learn about the Asian New Year.

October/November 2009

HANUKKAH pays tribute to Synagogue Architecture: Budapest, Hungary. The synagogue on Dahony Street is the largest synagogue in Europe. CHRISTMAS AROUND THE WORLD finds us in India this year. Lots of information, and even a story about Christmas Greetings in a crossword puzzle.

September/October 2009

GARY COOPER This issue features Hollywood legend, Gary Cooper. Information, illustrations, etc.



BOB HOPE You Gotta Have HOPE tells about some of the entertainer’s accomplishments and also tells about the First Day Ceremony aboard the U.S.S. Midway aircraft carrier. Some quips of Hope’s plus illustrations of the FD Ceremony.


INAUGURATION DAY History is made on Inauguration Day. Also A Day to Honor Military Heroes with illustration of President Obama and John Finn, the oldest living Medal of Honor recipient.




THE OX This issue tells how the Year of the Ox is celebrated, giving some insight into the traditions and foods eaten at this time.

POE-TRY IN MOTION How does one celebrate the 200th anniversary of Edgar Allan Poe’s death? Some interesting facts on how some cities paid homage.



Christmas in Ethiopia Our Christmas Around the World series continues with how the holiday is celebrated in Ethiopia. Christmas is a time to celebrate with friends and family. People of different countries celebrate in different ways. Some of the customs and traditions that are celebrated in Ethiopia are explained, and a recipe for Ethiopian Beg Wat (spiced lamb stew) is included.

Synagogue Architecture Synagogues of the world are featured on our Hanukkah stamp issues. This year we highlight the Rykestrasse Synagogue in Berlin, Germany. Originally built in 1904, it was set ablaze during “Kristallnacht,” and re-dedicated 60 years after the Nazi occupation.

More information regarding the above two holidays can be found, along with other items of interest, illustrations, etc.


DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER … The song, TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALL GAME is 100 years old. Baseball is forever! This issue gives some 7th Inning Stretch tidbits, illustrations of fans singing the song, and other items of interest, including an Inside the Artist’s Studio article, explaining the Anatomy of my Louis Comfort Tiffany FDC design.

July 2008

BIRDS OF A FEATHER . . . The 2008 Duck Stamp FDC, Northern Pintail has an actual feather attached to the cachet design. ‘Feathers are Flying,’ an original poem by Doris Gold, lots of Duck facts, This ‘N’ That, and lots of illustrations.

May/June 2008

OL’ BLUE EYES IS BACK . . . Information about this icon in American entertainment, with illustrations; Cachet update with illustrations of upcoming covers on our agenda; items from my mailbags; and a lot of THIS ‘N’ THAT.

March 2008

Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings is the 24th author honored in the Literary Arts series. She is best known for her Pulitzer Prize winning novel, “The Yearling,” and her memoir, “Cross Creek.”Background information and illustrations tell about her life. — An article on “FDC’s In Interior Decorating” shows ways to frame and group your covers. — An interesting account of how a past president of the Vineland New Jersey Junior Stamp Club found me after 32 years! — Illustration of “Happy Birthday America” cachet designed for Greater Miami Cachets in 1976, which was sent to me for authentication of my signature.

February 2008

Charles Waddell Chesnutt is honored on the 31st stamp in the Black Heritage series. He was an early writer who departed from the norms and its recognized today as playing a major role among literary realists who probed the color line in American life. “Under the Spreading Chesnutt Tree…” shows illustrations, informtion, Chesnutt tidbits and more. Quotes from our mailbags include: “…each time I see a collection of your work, I think “What a nice legacy!” A hundred years from now our great grandchildren will rifle through old collections and come upon these marvels. You do good.” — JD

January 2008

Chinese New Year – Rat is featured in this issue. Learn all about Year of the Rat, Chinese New Year trivia, and much more. Cachet Update lists some of the issues which will be up for consideration in our cachet program.

Year End 2007

Christmas Around the World and Hanukkah are featured in this issue.

This year we find out how Christmas is celebrated in Bulgaria. The cachet design is a colorful scene of a man and woman in native dress. Much attention has been paid to the details in the embroidery and colors of the costumes.

Our Hanukkah design depicts the exterior and interior of Congregation Beth Ahabah, Richmond, VA. The Hanukkah stamp and the Tiffany stamp are used in combination. Details of the architecture and the Louis Comfort Tiffany window are included in the text insert with each FDC.

More information on Bulgaria and Hanukkah; notes from our Mailbox; updated pricelist, etc.

October 2007

Autumnal Equinox It’s Fall again…

When is a FORD … not a FORD? The Gerald Ford FDC cachet is a design in a montage depicting different times in the life of the Gerald R. Ford, including a portrait of the president in the Oval Office; a portrait in his uniform of Lt. Cdr. in the Air Force; in contemplation smoking his pipe; and on the University of Michigan football team.

There is Ford trivia, items from my mailbag, and cachet update.

August-September 2007

They Had a Hot Time at Americover 2007 …

Louis Comfort Tiffany and James Maitland Stewart FDC are featured in this issue, as well as two 2007 Americover Cachetmakers Awards won. An article regarding James Stewart trivia, some Tiffany illustrations, much mailbox quotes, updated prices, and much more.