2014 First Day Covers


The following designs have been completed. Those in the process of being serviced are illustrated with mock-ups with planned stamps and simulated postmarks. New issues will be posted as they become available.

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DGX #234 LUNAR NEW YEAR ~ HORSE A Chinese dynasty horse with vivid background, a stylized pagoda with gold braiding added.



DGX #235 LOVE ~ PAPER-CUT A paper-cut design on an aqua background for something unusual.



DGX #236 SHIRLEY CHISHOLM A portrait of the first black woman elected to Congress,the Capitol building, and Chisholm taking the oath of office.



DGX #237 BUTTERFLY ~ FRITILLARY Scene with two Fritillary butterflies, the life cycle, with lovely flowers.



DGX #238 CHARLTON HESTON in his role as Moses in “The Ten Commandments” and as Judah Ben Hur in “Ben Hur.”



DGX #239 2014 DUCK ~ CANVASBACK The cachet depicts the duck coming up from a dive as he is breaking the water line, with waves splashing and wings shaking off the water. As an added feature, a red gemstone has been set in place by hand on each of the covers, adding dimension and sheen to the actual red color of this species’ eyes.



DGX #239P 2014 DUCK CACHET (WITHOUT DUCK STAMP) Same cachet as above with Bird stamp and Duck postmark.


Doris Gold rudolph

AFDCS Thank You cover designed by Doris Gold for AFDCS donors only. Original design depicts Peter Martin, Editor of First Days magazine, in his makeshift office (sleigh), with Rudolph and his red nose (crystal gemstone). A poem is enclosed in each FDC. For Donors Only.



DGX #240 CHRISTMAS AROUND THE WORLD ~ COLONIAL WILLIAMSBURG The cachet shows how Christmas was celebrated in colonial times, with Fife and Drum Parade and fireworks at the Governor’s Palace.

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