2016 First Day Covers


The first issue for 2016 is the QUILLED LOVE STAMP.

Quilled love stamp

DGX #246 QUILLED LOVE ~ GREAT GRANDMOTHER’S LOVE My first Great Grandchild is highlighted on the Quilled Love stamp. Samuel James Man’s portrait is set in a heart with curlicues resembling the art of quilling. The title is also done with curlicues in keeping with the stamp theme.


DGX #247 LUNAR NEW YEAR ~ MONKEY The sparkles on the cachet do not show up in the scan, but make a glittery statement on the Lunar New Year ~ Monkey stamp.


DGX #248  SARAH VAUGHAN  2 poses of the singer in action.



DGX #249 SHIRLEY TEMPLE The child star as she appeared  singing “On the Good Ship Lollipop”, and in later life as a U. S. ambassador.

DGX #250 HANUKKAH-Synagogue Architecture-Singapore The Maghain Aboth Synagogue is featured on this year’s Hanukkah stamp FDC cachet.  The exterior and an interior scene are depicted.



DGX #251 CHRISTMAS AROUND THE WORLD This year we feature some of  the customs and costumes and how the holiday is celebrated in Latvia.


NOTE: Cachet designs which are being serviced will illustrate the cachet — sometimes with temporary pictured postmark — until received back from servicing, which will have the official postmark cancellation. Items will be replaced as official postmarks are returned from servicing.

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